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Myrtle Beach Attractions and Kids
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Myrtle Beach Kids

Myrtle Beach Amusement Park at Night 

Myrtle Beach Amusement Parks

Your kids will thank you!

Add more fun to your kid's vacation! Be sure to include a visit to one of our fantastic Myrtle Beach amusement parks during your next trip to Myrtle Beach.

Did you know that families have been enjoying amusement parks since the mid 1500's? During that time period, the first documented amusement parks started to appear in Europe and were called pleasure gardens. They were specifically designed for outside family entertainment and included fountains, bowling, dancing, theatre presentations and even several primitive rides!

Amusement parks have certainly stood the test of time, and what kid's vacation would be complete without a roller coaster ride? The Grand Strand offers several great amusement parks for your family to choose from and it's a great way to add excitement to your Myrtle Beach family vacation.

What are you waiting for? Make plans to visit Myrtle Beach today and enjoy one the great amusement parks listed below.

Myrtle Beach Amusement Parks

Family Kingdom Myrtle Beach:

Your family vacation to Myrtle Beach won't be complete without a visit to Family Kingdom: Myrtle Beach's traditional, old-time amusement park by the sea. Family Kingdom is charming, friendly and has more than 30 rides for your kids to enjoy. Family Kingdom also has an oceanfront waterpark directly across the street.

Nascar Speed Park Myrtle Beach:

The Nascar Speed Park will put your Myrtle Beach family vacation into high gear! Race tracks are available for all ages. Your kid's will love the interactive games in the state of the art arcade and children of all ages will enjoy getting in on the action with the purchase of the hottest Nascar driver merchandise in town.

Pavilion Nostalgia Park at Broadway at the Beach:

The charm of the old Pavilion is conveniently located at Broadway at the Beach. Your little ones will enjoy some of the most popular kiddie rides including a classic ferris wheel ride, an old-time carousel and even a Broadway Train. Take your family shopping at Broadway on the Beach and remember to check out this quaint amusement park while you're there.

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